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About Managing Your Money™

We are dedicated to helping you do a better job Managing Your Money. Really, we want to help.

Who We Are

We are money management professionals who specialize in personal finance. We think everyone should be financially responsible, and we're confident that will lead financial success and stability.

Our Goals

We want to share our knowledge with you. Through insightful financial management articles, savvy investment tips, and personal budget planning guides, we want to help you reach your financial goals -- and beyond!

About This Website

For now this website is running on the RustyDomains™ management system from Princeton Consulting Corporation. RustyDomains has a large portfolio of great names and many of them are for sale. See the sidebar to the right for additional names, or visit RustyDomains.

Once we get a little further along, we'll be moving to a new, more robust platform. But for now, this is our home while we get things started.